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How do I find information about Cesar E. Chavez at the MSU Libraries?

The MSU Libraries has a large amount of material about Cesar E. Chavez and his work with the United Farm Workers union in various formats. It acquires books, photographs, microfilm, posters, newsclippings, audio, video and online data as well as databases with access to online articles, speeches, etc. that pertain to Chavez and his work.

Most university online catalogs provide access to information about Cesar E. Chavez by using the same search terms. For the following search types, use the suggested sequence of words:

By Chavez or Chavez as Co-author:
Author search : chavez, cesar

About Chavez:
Subject search : chavez, cesar
keyword search : cesar chavez or chavez cesar

If you have collected material on Cesar Chavez, the UFW or farmworkers (especially in Michigan)that you are looking to donate to an archival collection, please contact dianar@msu.edu for assistance.

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