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December 09, 2016 - 4:09:00 am (America/Detroit)
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The Detroit Lions won their first NFL championship by beating the New York Giants 26–7. The Lions also won championships in 1952, 1953, and 1957. They haven't won one since.

Source : Historical Society of Michigan

December 08, 2016 - 8:01:00 pm (America/Detroit)
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A bill that would expand public-private partnerships is garnering opposition from groups who say it could open the door for toll roads in Michigan.

December 08, 2016 - 5:22:00 pm (America/Detroit)
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If blaze orange clashes with your skin tone, options are expanding.

Fashion-conscious hunters in Michigan will soon have another choice thanks to legislation that received final passage in the state Senate on Thursday. Hunter pink will become an option for hunters hitting the woods and blinds.

December 08, 2016 - 5:18:00 pm (America/Detroit)
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en. Tom Casperson has been trying for more than five years to legalize a hunt for gray wolves in a portion of the Upper Peninsula.

With the exception of one season of hunting the wolves, the Escanaba Republican has been thwarted by the voters and the courts. But he's trying, once again, to get the hunt back on, if and when the animals are removed from the endangered species list.

December 08, 2016 - 5:14:00 pm (America/Detroit)
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This time, it's really impossible to understand what's going on in Lansing.

As the Legislature's lame-duck session proceeds, word trickled out Thursday that Gov. Rick Snyder's office is pushing hard on a proposal to cut the state's School Aid Fund by a whopping $430 million, or $287 per pupil, over the course of the school year.

December 08, 2016 - 11:15:00 am (America/Detroit)
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Compare Michigan counties based on data from 2011-2015 courtesy of the Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

For the full article, see Julie Mack, " 13 ways to compare counties based on new Census data ", MLive, December 8, 2016l

December 08, 2016 - 11:07:00 am (America/Detroit)
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The statewide presidential recount requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein has officially stopped after a federal judge ruled Wednesday evening to dissolve a temporary restraining order that was blocking state officials from ending it. 

The State Court of Appeals ordered Michigan's Board of State Canvassers, which certifies election results and handles other election-related issues, to reject the recount on grounds that Stein was not sufficiently "aggrieved" as required under state statute earlier this week. 

December 08, 2016 - 11:04:00 am (America/Detroit)
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Citing concern for the economic impact on the community, and the affordability of electric power in Michigan, the governor and a state lawmaker reacted quickly to the news Thursday morning that the company that owns the Palisades nuclear plant plans to close it in 2018.

Entergy Corp. originally planned to operate the plant through April 2022, with Consumers Energy committing to purchase nearly all of the electricity generated by the plant. 

They have agreed to an early termination of their power purchase agreement for the Palisades plant in 2018.

December 08, 2016 - 4:48:00 am (America/Detroit)
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Detail of the Detroit Industry mural painted by Diego Rivera by Mala C, courtesy of Flickr

December 08, 2016 - 4:43:00 am (America/Detroit)
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Special thanks to the Clarke Historical Library for preserving the history of Michigan and its inhabitants, as well as making available the Michigan Historical Calendar!

Source : Michigan Every Day