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July 03, 2005 - 5:07:43 pm (America/Detroit)
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After a voyage of 173 days and 431 million kilometers, a probe launched by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft will collide with comet Tempel 1 on July 4 – a first-of-its-kind, hyper-speed impact between a space-borne iceberg and a copper-fortified probe.

NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft and ground- and space-based observatories will record the potentially spectacular collision. Astronomers hope the collision will unleash primordial material trapped inside the comet, which formed billions of years ago.

June 28, 2005 - 9:03:45 pm (America/Detroit)
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The official repository of retired U.S. government records is a boxy white building tucked into the woods of suburban College Park, MD. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is a subdued place, with researchers quietly thumbing through boxes of old census, diplomatic, or military records, and occasionally requesting a copy of one of the computer tapes that fill racks on the climate-controlled upper floors. Researchers generally dont come here to look for contemporary records, though.

June 28, 2005 - 11:06:01 am (America/Detroit)
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The Center for Democracy and Freedom has launched a new web site — OpenCRS: Congressional Research Service Reports for the People — providing links to more than a half-dozen existing collections of nearly 8,000 reports from the Congressional Research Service and centrally indexing them so visitors can find reports containing specific terms or phrases. The project is a response to years of rumbling and wrangling by open-government advocates over a lack of direct accessibility to reports from the policy research arm of Congress.

June 24, 2005 - 2:50:00 pm (America/Detroit)
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When Judge John Sirica gaveled the trial of the Watergate seven to order on January 8, 1973, federal investigators had already discovered a covert slush fund used to underwrite nefarious activities against Democrats. The money and the men on trial could be linked to the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) at whose head sat the former Attorney General of the United States, and President Nixon’s former law partner, John Mitchell. This was the legal beginning to an Affair that began before the 1972 Presidential election.

June 24, 2005 - 2:06:17 pm (America/Detroit)
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As a result of a recommendation made in the final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission), the U.S. government set up a Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board within the Executive Branch to oversee adherence to, and the commitment to defend, civil liberties by the federal government. The question is, how effective and independent will this Board be?

June 24, 2005 - 1:02:22 pm (America/Detroit)
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In the past Michign law allowed Michigan residents to buy wine directly from Michigan wineries, but not from wineries outside the state borders. The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down this law, claiming discrimination. Since the courts decision, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission is no longer enforcing the rule that barred non-Michigan wineries from selling to residents; however out-of-state wineries are still fearful of testing the waters.

June 24, 2005 - 12:06:15 pm (America/Detroit)
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Funding to test and treat Michigan prisoners for hepatitis C has been eliminated in House and Senate spending plans for 2005-6, effectively killing a plan to attack the potentially fatal and communicable disease festering inside the state's 42 prisons. A 2003 Lansing State Journal investigtive report found that up to 18,000 of Michigan's 48,000 prisoners are believed to harbor the virus.

June 24, 2005 - 2:36:04 am (America/Detroit)
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Opponents of the war in Iraq held an unofficial hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday (June 16) to draw attention to a leaked British government document that they say proves their case that President Bush misled the public about his war plans in 2002 and distorted intelligence to support his policy.

June 24, 2005 - 1:06:07 am (America/Detroit)
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Even as we worry about loose nukes in Russia, we might do well to keep a closer eye on nuclear materials at home. A new study from the National Academy of Sciences --

June 23, 2005 - 7:31:55 pm (America/Detroit)
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The American Library Association (ALA) today (June 20, 2005) released the findings of a comprehensive survey demonstrating the significant impact on the public of federal law enforcement activity in Americas libraries. Based on the survey findings, ALA believes that public anxiety and librarian concern over law enforcement activity in libraries is justified.


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