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Recent Acquisitions Winter 2007
July 02, 2008 - 2:57:06 pm (America/Detroit)
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Please consult the online catalog for call numbers.

TQS News: A Contemporary Newsletter of Eclectic Chicano Thought. Vol. 6, no. 1 (spring 1989)-v. 13, no. 6 (Nov.-Dec. 1996). Berkeley, CA: TQS Publications, 1989.

Adams, Jerome R. Greasers and Gringos: The Historical Roots of Anglo-Hispanic Prejudice. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., 2006.

Anguiano Téllez...

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New Books
June 03, 2008 - 1:52:55 pm (America/Detroit)
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Falkowski and Raven. Aquatic Photosynthesis. Princeton University Press, c2007. Call Number: QK 882 .F36 2007

Larson, Alarie and Roughley. Predaceous diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) of the Nearctic Region, with emphasis on the fauna of Canada and Alaska. NRC Research Press, 2000. Call Number: QL 596 .D9 L37 1999

Stoutjesdijk and Barkman. Microclimate, vegetation and fauna. Opulus, c1992. Call Number: QH543 .S76 1992

Mackie. Biology of freshwater corbiculid and sphaeriid clams of North America. Ohio Biological Survey, 2007. Call Number: QL 430.7 .C67 M33 2007...

Off Campus Access to Libraries' Electronic Resources
May 15, 2008 - 1:33:21 pm (America/Detroit)
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As of May 29, 2008 the old proxy server will no longer be available. Off campus access to library electronic resources is now made easier through the EZ Proxy which has been in place and working well for the last two years. For more information on using this service see the EZ proxy website available from Distance Learning Services through the MSU Libraries - http://www2.lib.msu.edu/computer/offcampus-access.jsp. Please contact Distance Learning Services at 1-800-500-1554 or 1-517-355-2345 or reachout@msu.edu for more information or questions.

New Books
May 14, 2008 - 7:22:31 pm (America/Detroit)
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Kotov. Cladocera. Family Ilyocryptidae (Branchiopoda, Cladocera, Anomopoda).Backhuys, 2006. Call Number: QL444.B83 K68 2006

Dumont and Negrea. Introduction to the class Branchiopoda. Backhuys, 2002. Call Number: QL444.B8 D85 2002

Segers. Rotifera: v. 1. Biology, ecology and systematics. Backhuys Publishers, 2006. Call Number: QL391.R8 R68 2006 v.1

Nogrady. Rotifera:v. 6. Asplanchnidae, Gastropodidae, Lindiidae, Microcodidae, Synchaetidae, Trochosphaeridae and Filinia. SPB Academic Pub., 1993. Call Number: QL 391 .R8 R67 1993 v.6

Kear. Ducks, geese, and...

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New Books
April 24, 2008 - 2:07:36 pm (America/Detroit)
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Atlas. Handbook of microbiological media 3rd ed. CRC Press, c2004. Call Number: QR 66.3 .A85 2004

Halfpenny. Scats and tracks of the Great Lakes : a field guide to the signs of seventy wildlife species. FalconGuide, c2006. Call Number: QL768 .H3543 2006

Martin. Environmental genomics. Springer 2007. Call Number: QH447 .E58 2008

van Straalen and Roelofs. An introduction to ecological genomics. Oxford University Press, 2006. Call Number: QR74 .S78 2006

Pickett, Kolasa, and Jones. Ecological understanding : the nature of theory and the theory of nature....

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FARS was replaced by Accounting Research Manager (Audit Public)
April 02, 2008 - 3:19:35 pm (America/Detroit)
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FARS is no longer available in the Business Library as our license expired. However, we have acquired the Accounting Research Manager (Audit Public) database (3 simultaneous users) to replace FARS. All of the information available in FARS should be available in the new database. The web-based Accounting Research Manager (ARM) database was made available at the beginning of this Spring semester, and it can be accessed at

http://guides.lib.msu.edu/link.phtml?page_id=1313&element_id=38279. The ARM database is updated daily up to 5 times per day.

Mintel Now Available Off-Campus
March 21, 2008 - 2:25:53 pm (America/Detroit)
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Off-campus access to Mintel Market Reports is now available. Connect to Mintel from the Business Databases page.

New Books
March 05, 2008 - 2:32:30 pm (America/Detroit)
Associated Blog: Gull Lake Library New Books   Categories: News and Events

Cox. Biogeography : an ecological and evolutionary approach. Blackwell Pub., 2005. Call Number: QH 84 .C65 2005

Brodie and Lewis. Unravelling the algae : the past, present, and future of algae systematics. CRC, 2007. Call Number: QK 567 .U57 2007

Elmerich and Newton. Associative and endophytic nitrogen-fixing bacteria and cyanobacterial associations. Springer, c2007. Call Number: QR 89.7 .A77 2007

Mackie. Applied aquatic ecosystem concepts. Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co.,2004.

Call Number: QH 541.5.W3 M34 2004

Allan. Stream ecology :...

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Ward's Business Directory Now Available Online
February 25, 2008 - 5:30:12 pm (America/Detroit)
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Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies provides directory information on over 112,000 U.S. companies, arranged by alphabet, geography, and industry. Additionally, brief company data such as sales and officers and company rankings are included.

Connect to Ward's Business Directory.

New Books
February 21, 2008 - 3:00:11 pm (America/Detroit)
Associated Blog: Gull Lake Library New Books   Categories: News and Events

Wheeler. Biology of the plant bugs (Hemiptera: Miridae) : pests, predators, opportunists. Comstock Pub. Associates, 2001. Call Number: QL 523.M5 W44 2001

Reznikova. Animal intelligence : from individual to social cognition. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Call Number: QL 785 .R39 2007

Michigan's native landscape : as interpreted from the General Land Office surveys 1816-1856. Michigan Natural Features Inventory, 1995. Call Number: QH 105 .M5 M6 1995

Peterson.The wolves of Isle Royale : a broken balance. University of Michigan Press, 2007. Call Number: QL 737.C22...

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