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There is so much happening in October! Whether it's time to brush up on your GIS skills, meet new people and network, or jump in with both feet and start a new digital scholarship project, October has you covered.

When it’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, it generally is. Data visualization provides information that otherwise might take several paragraphs to explain. Yet, this technique privileges users that have sight.

When it comes to information produced by the government, most people think that since it was produced through taxpayer expense, it should be freely and easily available to all. In regards to information produced by the federal government, U.S. copyright law (17 U.S.C.

These days, librarians receive less “ready reference” questions, meaning those straightforward questions that are easily answered by consulting a reference book (or the electronic equivalent).

At the ACS (American Chemical Society) National Meeting in Denver last month, I attended symposium where faculty and librarians talked about unreliability and irreproducibility of scientific publications. The discussion brought a different angle for us to understand published research.

When you think ‘fugitive’, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a criminal on the run from the law. In the world of government documents, however, the term ‘fugitive’ has a totally different meaning.

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Probably one of the more au courant methods in digital humanities scholarship is topic modeling, explanations of which range from the math-y and abstruse to the pictures and simple language approach.

In lieu of telling you where this budding Media Preservation program and I are at in our fourth month together, I’m going to share a few basic concepts of the field, before steering slightly toward digital scholarshi

Web designers play an integral role in the creation of digital interfaces that enhance the user experience when accessing digital materials.


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