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GREENR Offers Gulf Oil Spill Widget

Jon Harrison

It's easy to get free access to current and unbiased information on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Simply install the GREENR widget on your homepage today for free access to the newly created portal: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010.

GREENR is an interdisciplinary resource supporting sustainability and environmental studies. The oil spill portal offers unbiased insights into public health, environmental, political and economic impacts from:

  • In-depth expert overviews
  • 2,000+ news stories, including publications from the Gulf-region
  • Primary sources of congressional hearings
  • Case studies that enable the comparative analysis of this oil spill to others
  • More than 250 podcasts and 100 videos
  • And much more

Follow the link below to register for the free widget — available to everyone — to gain access to this information today or share the widget with your community by posting it to your homepage or blog. Free access is available until August 31, 2010.


Note : The MSU Library provides access to GREENR for the MSU community.

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