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Great Michigan Web Portal Launched

Jon Harrison

Great Michigan represents a collaborative effort among environmental, conservation, and public health groups across Michigan to collectively identify the most pressing environmental issues facing Michigan, present these issues to policy makers and the public in understandable terms, and provide realistic solutions to address them. This website is the result of input from organizations across the state working together to ensure Michigan citizens have access to clean water, clean air, open spaces, healthy food, vibrant cities, good jobs, sustainable transportation and safer products.

Most, but not all, organizations endorse the four priority issues. The organizations whose work falls into issue areas not associated with the four key areas may be supportive of the agenda, but remain true to their mission. For this reason, we have included the "Additional Priorities" section, which highlights other significant issues in Michigan and the organizations working on them.

For questions about Great Michigan or comments on the website, please contact Erica Bloom at erica@michiganlcv.org.

Note: The four priorities are

(1) Great Jobs : Require all significant utility investments to follow long-term resource planning

(2) Great Water : Require the oil and gas industry to use the water withdrawal assessment tool

(3) Great Cities : Pass a rail bonding bill to provide $40 million in state matching funds to receive $161 million in federal funds

(4) Great Health : Adopt a state list of the most harmful chemicals found in children’s products

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