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Recyclemania at the Main Library!

Ruth Ann Jones

Recyclemania's Education Station in the MSU Main Library Cybercafe

Recyclemania, the eight-week recycling competition, comes to the Main Library this week! Don’t miss these great opportunities:

Wednesday, 12:10-12:50: Rethinking the Packaging of the Products You Buy - Is There Hope to Reduce Waste? Presentation by Susan Selke, MSU School of Packaging. Hosted by the Library Environmental Committee. In the Reference Instruction Room in the first floor lobby, just south of the Reference Desk.

All week – Education Station in the Cybercafe. You may be surprised to learn – many things you thought were trash can actually be recycled! Presented by MSU Office of Campus Sustainability.

All week – Trash the Can! MSU Recycling staff will be removing more than 100 trash cans from the library and putting extra recycling containers in their place. Be Spartan Green!

Recyclemania is an annual competition among U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, and MSU is off to a great start toward this year’s goal of collecting 1,000,000 pounds of paper, plastic, metal and glass and 100,000 pounds of electronics.

Above right: Part of the Recyclemania Education Station in the Main Library Cybercafe.

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