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Student Art Competition at MSU Libraries

Katie Diamond

The idea for a Student Art Competition started with an interest in displaying more artwork in the library. We wanted to acquire student artwork, but we didn’t have the funds to support an art competition every year. In 2010, Irene B. Arens generously established an endowment to support our annual Student Art Competition, making the dream possible!

Irene B. Arens is both a trained librarian and recognized artist. She is a Chicago native and former president of the Friends of MSU Libraries. Her goal in setting up this endowment was to inspire student artists and enhance the atmosphere of the MSU Libraries.

The endowment primarily funds the $500 cash prizes awarded to two winning artists each year, one undergraduate student and one graduate student. The endowment also covers costs associated with the mounting of artwork within the Libraries, as well as any other costs associated with the competition.

The winning pieces from previous competitions are currently displayed throughout the Main Library. This year’s competition deadline is March 25th at 5pm. We are eagerly awaiting this year’s submissions!

For this year’s competition details, click here.

Pictured above: Winner of 2012-2013 Irene B. Arens Student Art Competition. "Tomo Takeover" (2012) by Elise Toups. Oil on Birch.

Blog post by Katie Diamond and Holly Flynn.

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