Michigan State University

Bridge, February 16, 2017

Jon Harrison

Chastity Pratt Dawsey, "For poor and first-generation college students, ‘I think I can’ is half the battle" : It has been long known that low-income college students, for reasons financial and otherwise, are less likely to graduate.  In an effort to improve graduation rates among low-income and other at-risk students, colleges and universities across Michigan are implementing new coaching services to help these students navigate and complete college.

Ted Roelofs, "Trump’s travel ban could spark crisis in state’s doctor shortage, healthcare leaders say" :Uncertainty surrounding President Trump’s immigration order targeting seven Muslim-majority nations is causing anxiety among healthcare leaders in Michigan, a state where international medical graduates comprise 30 percent of the physician workforce. A steady influx of foreign-born doctors is critical to poor, rural and heavily minority parts of the state, where a physician shortage is already acute. Indeed, the government offers visa waivers to international students in exchange for their promise to spend time in underserved areas. Now, healthcare leaders say, these physicians, residents and students are rethinking careers in Michigan.

Sarah Alvarez, "A registry will help fix abuses in Detroit’s home rental market" : The city of Detroit says it is committed to getting a handle on a rental housing market mess caused by decades of lax oversight, and will step up the use of a 30-year-old law requiring landlords to have their rental homes inspected and registered with the city.  If the city follows through, it could produce large-scale improvements in a housing environment where audacious abuses are not uncommon. Renters have had homes auctioned out from under them, paid on a home their landlord didn’t even own, or have had utilities shut-off when a landlord didn’t pay for water or heat.

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