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House GOP Backs Off Income Tax Elimination

The House on Tuesday changed its income tax reduction plan to a gradual decrease to 3.9 percent over four years instead of eliminating the tax entirely over several decades.

House Republican leadership worked furiously during today's House session to cobble together an income tax elimination plan that could pass.

Michiganians packed a state House panel hearing Tuesday to voice their concerns with so-called “smart meters” that transport utility usage information directly to companies.

Presidents and high-level officials from nine of Michigan's public universities gathered outside the House chamber on Tuesday, lobbying against a proposal that would gradually eliminate the state's personal income tax.

Chastity Pratt Dawsey, "Michigan shuts down bad schools.

Russian wild boars have been described as Asian carp with legs, 200-pound marauders that dig up lawns, decimate crops, spread disease and kill livestock.

They also happen to be delicious.

The British built the first USS Detroit at Malden, Canada, in 1813. The U.S. Navy captured the 12-gun vessel in the Battle of Lake Erie the same year.

On Feb. 21, 1978, 75 fifth graders jammed into Gov. William G. Milliken's office to watch him sign into law their bill protecting house cats from hunters. The St.

Attracted to the abundant snows of the western Upper Peninsula, Norway native Carl Tellefsen quickly made his mark on the local skiing scene, eventually serving as founder and first president of the National Ski Association.


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