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Requiem for Michigan's Film Office?

Jon Harrison

We can give you a sunrise and a sunset on the water. We can give you mansions five minutes from ruins.

If you’re making movies, said the director of the Michigan Film Office, “There’s a lot of things we can offer that a lot of states can’t.”

What we can’t offer any more are incentives. Soon, we might not even be able to offer a film office.

All those superheroes who’ve traipsed through town these past few years? Jenell Leonard could use one.

As the leader of the state’s film office, she could be presiding over a resurrection, helping the legislature recognize the value in a department it seems determined to leave on the cutting-room floor.

Or, she could be the last one out of the theater, locking the door behind her as she goes.

She figures she has until late next year to make its case — to keep Michigan from becoming the only state without a dedicated film office.

For the full article, see Neal Rubin, "Rubin: Michigan Film Office tries to stave off The End", Detroit News, August 3, 2015.

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