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Logan's Law passes Senate, Would Keep Pets Out of Hands of Animal Abusers

Jon Harrison

The latest rendition of a law aiming to keep pets out of animal abusers’ hands is making its way through the Michigan Legislature again.

The package requires nonprofit animal shelters to run a criminal background check on anyone attempting to adopt an animal.

The package requires nonprofit shelters to deny an adoption to anyone who has been convicted of animal abuse within the past five years. It also requires that convicted animal abusers are prohibited from adopting another animal for five years.

The laws would not apply to for-profit pet shops.

Use of the Michigan State Police’s Internet Criminal History Access Tool database is available to anyone for a fee of $10. Logan’s Law would waive the fee for animal shelters operated by a local or county government or by a nonprofit human society or animal rescue.

For the full article, see Beth LeBlanc, "Logan's Law passes Senate, could see action in House", Detroit Free Press, February 3, 2016.

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