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Michigan Film and Digital Office : Transformers 5' gets $21 million in Michigan incentives

Jon Harrison

Transformers 5" will film in Detroit this summer in a big way, thanks to some creative transformation of previously approved Michigan film incentives.

The Michigan Film & Digital Video office confirmed Friday that the hit Paramount franchise is returning to the Motor City for what sounds like a substantial stay.

The deal was achieved as a result of a plan that takes $42 million in film incentives approved for Paramount projects before the state's program was eliminated in 2015 and uses half of that amount for a single amended agreement for "Transformers 5."

The restructuring of the $42 million essentially will save the state $21 million and allot the remaining $21 million to "Transformers 5," according to the film office.

Why are these incentives still in play after the abolishment of the program? As the film office explained in the announcements, deals that were approved before the incentives were ended still must be honored. But since Paramount hadn't begun filming on the productions involved, state statute makes such a reallocation possible.

"Transformers 5" expects to spend $80 million in the state during production. It anticipates hiring 450 Michigan residents as part of an estimated 850 cast and crew hires. There also will be a need for 700 extras.

For the full article, see Julie Hinds, "Transformers 5' gets $21 million in Michigan incentives", Detroit Free Press, February 26, 2016

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