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Michigan Senate votes to allow dogs on restaurant patios

Jon Harrison

Michigan restaurants could legally allow patrons to bring dogs on their patios under legislation approved Wednesday by the state Senate that supporters argue will be good for business.

Senate Bill 122 would require restaurants to notify their local health department if they intend to allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas. A local government could choose to prohibit it.

Sponsoring Sen. Margaret O’Brien, R-Portage, said loosening current restaurant restrictions on dogs could benefit owners and the state’s tourism industry.

“We have hotels that allow dogs in there, we have dog parks, we have dog drinking fountains, but there’s nowhere for tourists to enjoy any kind of fine dining or any of our great breweries with their pet,” she said.

O’Brien sponsored similar legislation last session that cleared the Senate but did not see a vote in the House. There’s no guarantee this year’s version will either despite passing the upper chamber by a wide 32-6 margin.

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