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April 17, 1979 : Governor Millikin Ends Bounty on Coyotes

Jon Harrison

Former Gov. William G. Milliken signed a law on this day in 1979 that ended a bounty on coyotes.

Coyotes are found throughout Michigan and have dispersed into southern Michigan without assistance from the DNR. Coyotes are found in rural to urban areas and are quite common but extremely good at remaining unnoticed by humans, even while living in close proximity. Their presence in subdivisions and urban or suburban areas, while surprising to many folks, is a result of increasing populations (both coyote and human) and encroachment of human environments into their natural habitat (from development of rural areas).

This member of the dog family is extremely adaptable and survives in virtually all habitat types common in Michigan. They are most abundant in areas where adequate food, cover, and water are available. The size of a coyote’s home range depends on the food and cover resources available and on the number of other coyotes in an area, but it generally averages between eight to 12 square miles. Mated pairs and four to seven pups occupy the home range during the spring and summer seasons in Michigan.

13-april 17-coyote

A Michigan coyote in winter.

Source : Reposted from Michigan House Democrats Official Blog, April 17, 2017

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